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Out of School Clubs: Before & After School and Holiday Play Schemes

An Out of School Club is any registered sessional activity that takes place out of school hours, or during the school holidays for children aged 5-14 years.  This includes breakfast clubs, after school clubs and holiday childcare.

There are additional groups eg homework clubs, sports and arts groups that are not registered. See the activities section of the Family Information Directory for further information.

Youth Clubs also offer term time activities for 11-19 year olds. Details of clubs can be found here.

What do these Clubs Offer?

Your child will take part in a variety of activities, crafts, learning and sports, helping them improve their wellbeing and personal social development.

How can my Child Attend?

Parents must register children with the group and provide full details on: contacts, illnesses, disabilities or allergies. Some clubs allow for school collection, see the individual records on this directory for more details and discuss the collection/drop-off arrangements with clubs.

Can my Child Attend an Out of School Club in a School they do not Attend?

Some Out of School Clubs will be privately run within school premises or private buildings, while others are run by a school. For those run by a school, please visit their individual record on this directory to find out if they offer places to pupils outside of the school.

Are these Clubs Registered?

Schools and childcare providers who offer Out of School Clubs will be registered with Ofsted either on the Early Years, Childcare or Voluntary Childcare Register. Some activity groups, homework clubs, sports and arts groups are not registered and parents/carers should check with each individual club whether staff have passed a DBS security check.

What are the Staffing Ratios?

For registered clubs the staffing ratio is one adult to every eight children, with a minimum of two staff at any one time.

What Equipment should the Club Offer?

Adequate age appropriate materials for play must be provided for the number of children attending. Equipment must be maintained to a good standard and is subject to inspection.

Visits and Outings

Some Holiday Play Scheme offer day trips and local outings. The arrangements for transporting children need to be carefully planned, and where necessary additional people recruited to ensure safety. This is particularly important where children with disabilities are concerned. There must be agreed arrangements for obtaining parental permission in writing prior to undertaking any visits or outings.

Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Settings offer inclusive provision. Please contact the setting for further information on the support provided for children with SEND.  


If you do not find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.