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Staying Safe Online - Advice for Parents/Carers

  1. Is your family internet safe? Do you know where to go for help and advice? visit:
  2. Growing up digital – children need more resilience, information and power to enjoy the benefits of the internet and be safe. Read what the governments children’s commissioner proposes
  3. Did you know you can set up age appropriate parental controls on your home broadband? If you don’t know how, contact your internet service provider for details.
  4. What should you do if your child sees something upsetting online? Follow the advice on UK Safer Internet Centre blog.
  5. Do you know what your child is up to when they are online or what apps they are using – good or bad? Visit:
  6. How many hours a day do you think is acceptable for your child to be on devices? Find out more…
  7. Did you know that Vodafone produce a free online Digital Parenting Guide with many excellent tips and resources? Download it here…
  8. How many friends do your young people have on their social networking sites? Do they really know them all? Keep talking to them about who they communicate with … Not sure where to begin - check out these conversation starter tips
  9. Many schools will be focusing on Internet Safety this week – ask your child what they have learnt at school. Download the E-Safety Newsletter for Parents produced by Dorset Police Safe Schools Communities Team.
  10. BBC have a launched an online safety website #BBCOwnIt to help answer kids’ questions about life online - aimed to help 9 to 12 year olds.
  11. Have you and your teenagers done the checklists for the social media sites you use? –Visit: Checklists for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.
  12. How can I add parental controls to Snapchat? Look at the Internet Matters parents vlogger Adele.
  13. Does your child want to use Snapchat? Get great information and help at
  14. Find out how to stand up to cyberbullies and understand the signs: Visit and Use the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s online tool to help you if you are concerned.
  15. Have you seen the UK Safer Internet Education Pack for parents and carers? This will provide even more facts for you to follow up!
  16. Do you have a child using Tok Tok? This app can be fun, but there are risks of seeing inappropriate content, being contacted by inappropriate people or having their content shared by others. Find out more.
  17. Have you ensured that the games your children are playing are suitable? – check the PEGI game rating. Visit ask about games for questions on gaming. Can my child chat or friend someone in a particular game? Find detailed reviews at Common Sense Media.
  18. Internet Connected Toys can be really fun but what are the risks? Find out more
  19. Do you need more advice to help your child online? – check out the parent’s website at
  20. How do you encourage your child or young person away from their screens and be more engaged in family time?  For ideas visit the FID
  21. Do you have unanswered questions about online safety? – contact the NSPCC E-safety Parents helpline on 0808 8005002 .