Finding suitable childcare can be one of the biggest worries for parents, alongside getting ready for work and generally just missing your child, Poole Family Information Service is here to assist you. As a parent or carer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is safe and happy in an environment that is fun, educational and nurturing. Poole has a wide range of Ofsted quality childcare available, offering you flexibility in meeting your needs. Before choosing your childcare, you should be aware of the options available and consider cost, location, reputation and your own circumstances eg:

  • Would I prefer childcare close to my home, work or school?
  • How will I pick up and drop off my children?
  • What hours do I need childcare and are they regular?
  • What is best for my child’s emotional and physical needs, as well as social and educational development?
  • What financial assistance is available to me?

Childcare is here for your baby, toddler, child or young person.  If you are finding it difficult to find something suitable please contact Poole FIS Childcare Brokers who can assist you on a 1:1 basis with any aspect of your search. Registered childcare includes childminders, nurseries, play groups, pre-schools, out of school clubs, holiday schemes and some home carers.

Childcare provides your child with a good start in life as well as teaching them to share, socialise, and make new friends whilst in a safe, caring environment.

Ofsted  This type of childcare is registered and inspected by Ofsted (