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World Book Day and The Power of Reading

World Book Day & The Power of Reading

Did your child celebrate World Book Day on 2 March by dressing up as a favourite character or come home from school clutching one of the 15 million £1 book tokens that were distributed?

There is a powerful message and motive behind all the fun -  research proves that children who enjoy reading do better at school in all subjects.  So if you want to give your child a head start, it’s important to start reading with them as early as possible. Reading together not only increases literacy skills - it helps to build a strong and loving relationship between you. Even an unborn baby can hear you from around 18 weeks, and will recognise your voice before they are born!

Help them develop a lifelong love of books and reading.... Check out these useful links with tips on reading with your child and encouraging your child to read:

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Supporting 2-5 Year Olds in Developing Literacy Skills

Poole Children’s Centres can offer ‘Early Words Together’ activities for under 5s. Contact Poole Children’s Centres for details.

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